Information about the project Romani Dance, which includes performance PRINCESS OF DARKNESS


Romani Dance is Lisen Theatre´s project for pupils and students, for Roma and non-Roma audience. Project is supported by the Open Society Institute and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. msmt
Project Romani Dance offers schools composed program that includes:

• performance Princess of Darkness, in which act Roma dancers from dance group Merci
• dance and music workshop led by Roma teachers
• discussion on Roma culture


Duration: about 100 min

The aim of the project is to give information about the Roma culture to non-Roma children and students and help Roma children and youth in ethno-emantipation.

Líšeň Theatre has the long-term cooperation with Roma dancers, musicians and other artists. Perfromance Princess of Darkness is (after Paramisa) another "gypsy" Lisen´s title. Project Romani Dance draws inspiration from this long-term experience with the Roma culture and contacts and relationships with particular Roma.
Research carried out in schools involved in the project - analysis of evaluating questionnaires (doc)

The reactions of teachers to the project:
"We used this experience in teaching of literature, art education…"
"Pupils appreciated that Mrs. Balogová spoke with them directly with no evasives answers, although questions were sometimes very tricky. She was very convincing. It is also agreed by the teachers. Practicing dances and songs enjoyed most pupils."


See the reportage about the project made by public television (at time 11.57)