• Director: Pavla Dombrovská
  • Puppets: Eva Krásenská, Martin Ondruš
  • Stage design: Jana Francová
  • Music: Luděk Vémola
  • Puppets and lights made by: Luděk Vémola
  • The performance is suitable for children and adults.


The shadow puppet play about a strong and faithful love which can overcome anything.
The story is based on the ancient Indian legend
of the Mahabharata, about the love and perseverance
of Princess Sávitrí, who rescues her husband
from the grip of death. Visually impressive,
the interplay of colourful shadows on a large screen
(2 by 2 metres) is accompanied by the stylised voice
of the narrator-musician, who uses a range of original, self-made and untraditional musical instruments.
The design and sound of the production is loosely inspired by oriental stage techniques, creating
a specific and original form.
The production, with great success, has toured numerous leading festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad (Austria, Poland, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Slovakia).
At the “One Flew Over the Puppeteer’s Nest” national festival of marionette theatres, the production received the audience prize and the Erik prize. At International Theatre Festival King Fairy-Tale in Velikij Novgorod (Russia) Sávitrí won the prize for “The Best Performance of the Festival” .