An experimental artistic performance inspired by the current social and political situation in the Czech Republic.

It is a farce about power with many diverse tragic characters capable of self-reflection

The performance farcically presents phenomena of the world today: the estrangement of politics from everyday life, the abuse of public institutions and funds as instruments of power and the consequences of this degeneration of democratic principles.
A decadent escapade undertaken by more than just the main characters – gherkins lose their vinegar, the spirit of an amputated little finger gains confidence, an SMS visits a Russian satellite and a lectern fights an exciting battle with the noise level.

Director: Pavla Dombrovská
Puppets: Antonín Maloň
Luděk Vémola, Babka Skočovská,
Antonín Maloň a kol.
Music: Tomáš Vtípil
Light design: Tomáš Tušer
Cast: Jan Nejedlý,
Luděk Vémola, Pavla Dombrovská

stage 5x5x3,5(výška)m
Duration: 70 min