Requiem for a House (an Evil play)

  • Written by Pavla Dombrovská and Lisen Theatre
  • Direction: Pavla Dombrovská
  • Music: Tomáš Vtípil
  • Stage design: Antonín Maloň a Luděk Vémola
  • Puppets: Petra Kubáčková
  • For adults 15+

A slapstic puppet about life and death in consumerist society.

A dark glove puppet thriller about our shared passions, sex, violence, brutality and disgust, replete with the most revolting aberrations
– in a word, all that
makes us feel fine.

Requiem for a House originated in collective improvizations and offers an idiosyncratic theatrical
form, importantly defined by a the raw and unrefined character of the design, well-wrought stage tricks and gags, and by the story complicating the simplicity and schematic nature of its ultimate inspiration, folk coffin plays (similar to French melodrama). The show creates a grotesque picture of the consumerist way of life.

The production was nominated for the prestigious Alfred Radok Prize (2003) for Design. In 2004, at the Skupa Plzeň Festival it won prizes for stage design, dramaturgy, and direction, at the Babkarska Bystrica Festival in Slovakia the main Henryk Jurkowski Prize, and at the international LUTKE 2004 in  Ljubljana, Slovenia, a prize for originality.