The goal of the project is to collectively discuss the Russian propaganda and its impact on media of the V4 counties, to point out its methods and help critically think about the subject.
The way of achieving the goal will be the composed programme. This will include: performance of Líšeň Theatre Putin is skiing and a discussion about the influence of Russian propaganda on media sphere of a particular V4 country. Experts on the media sphere and Russia will take part in discussions, each time with one expert from Czech side and one from the other V4 countries.

divadlo Líšeň www.divadlolisen.cz

in collaboration with:

Mr Miklós Nagy hu.wikipedia.org

Director of Európa Publishers europakiado.org will speak about Russian propaganda and its impact on the media of the V4 counties.

Truc sphérique, o.z. www.stanica.sk

Stanica Cultural Centre has occupied the old station building of the still operational, Zilina-Zariecie train station since 2003, combining the roles of independent venue, artistic laboratory and activists’ collective. On the white map of today Stanica wish to be a culture node – creative, educative and critical.
Stanica is not just the next cultural center in the town or region, but a platform for information, research, and realization of experimental art, cultural and community projects and international and inter-sector communication that lead activities to other institutions and across our European networks, including Trans Europe Halles.

The Puppet and Actor Theatre “Kubuś” www.teatrkubus.pl

which will organize the project in Poland.

Project Putin is skiing is supported by

Perfomances will take place in:
Praha (CZ) – 20.9.2016
Brno (CZ)– 1.10.2016
Kielce (PL– 3.10.2016
Žilina (SK)– 30.11.2016